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The new announcement is up check it out.We will soon start trying to get more people to apply.Invite all your gamer friends who'd like to join or you think would apply.Thank you

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 Yay first application

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PostSubject: Yay first application   Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:26 pm

Name(Optional): Chris
Play time in games: Depending on the day and what I need to do anywhere from 3-10 hours. Not constantly sitting I may be afk a bit but thats about the time.
Reason you picked Hope: Looking for a fun place to chat and game.
Member who referred you: Resuo
Average playing schedule: Im usually on a lot because of all the free time I have, but sometimes its at random times like 1 in the morning but usually Ill get on at 3pm or 6pm till I go 2 bed or get bored.
Time zone: GMT -8 hours
A brief description of yourself: I live in cali and my main hobby is playing games. When im not doing that im probably playing guitar, watching anime or listening to music of which I like anything from acoustic rock to heavy metal. I usually play girl characters in games because I don't like looking at some guy all day and usually in my opinion when there are gender related things like dungeons and gear its easier to get as a girl. I played Celestia Luna awhile back before the wipe and I had 1 of the best if not THE best TM on the server, if you played back then you might remember me as Shatter or other variations to that. Hmmmm cant really thing of anything else at the moment, oh yeah and im 21 so some may say im a bit above the average age for games but i'll probably be playing games forever. Ok now I think thats about it....yup....pretty sure.

Are you willing to try out new games and expand hope further?Possibly be a leader of another hope in another game?: Well I have been a successful Guild Leader/superior in many other games and played many other games so I may have some random accounts in games that are chosen to be your next target.
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PostSubject: Re: Yay first application   Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:32 pm

Accepeted and Locked.Welcome to Hope
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Yay first application
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