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The new announcement is up check it out.We will soon start trying to get more people to apply.Invite all your gamer friends who'd like to join or you think would apply.Thank you

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 Eden Eternal/New theme

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PostSubject: Eden Eternal/New theme   Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:05 pm

Alright alright we've been inactive on the forums for a while,but thought i'd let you know Eden Eternal Hope is up,I will make the new thread for it soon and I will also be introducing a new theme soon,this one isnt very pretty too look at it.Ok that is all =D.

I did not create the guild yet,first of all we need
about 50 gold. my ingame character is named Saleh and we are in the server

Channel:3 (official guild channel is 3)

If you have any spare gold or any contributions into making a guild pm Saleh ingame.

Guild Leader:Saleh

ok that is all.

Update:The guild has been made and is now in action,feel free to play and join =D.

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PostSubject: Re: Eden Eternal/New theme   Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:32 am

Well that kinda sucks lol. Were not even on the same server Dx Im on Emerald, and I don't think i'll be switching any time soon as I am lvl50 and most of my classes are lvl40+ o.o
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Eden Eternal/New theme
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