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The new announcement is up check it out.We will soon start trying to get more people to apply.Invite all your gamer friends who'd like to join or you think would apply.Thank you

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 Member List/Activity/Rules/Application

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PostSubject: Member List/Activity/Rules/Application   Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:28 pm

Greetings, here is the announcement and stuff.

1.Knowing how to speak good english
2.Being Active(If your gonna go somewhere for a period of time, send a VP or the Guild master a note informing him/her first)
3.We're a family,so no flaming <3.
4.No cheaters,If you cheat,just dont get caught kay <3?.

We don't have many rules so.Feel free to do anything you want

You have to put up a application to join in the member list.Unless your a Guild Leader/Mod/have special rights.
Just go to the application and post your application to the format.We are going to accept anyone,but there will be a probation period.Newly accepted people will not be considered members for 3 days.and will be switched over to normal member status(Yellow name) after showing activity and dedication for the 3 days.

Member List
This will be updated shortly.(This includes all of the members from different games in one single list)

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Member List/Activity/Rules/Application
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